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Dolly Sen Introduces Some Fellow Mad Creatives / 4 April 2010

It is good to see the spirit of Mad Pride is alive and well world-wide. Making sure Canada is sorted is Richard Yves Sitoski. He describes himself as protruding nail, 50% hammer. His blog can be found at

Another Mad Prider in London, Hugh Mulhall,  is having his work shown at the BFI season on madness. You can see some of his stuff on youtube

lots of love, Dolly x

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Richard Sitoski

14 April 2010

Thanks, Dolly--my site is now fully operational & I posted a link to your home page.


12 April 2010

Hi Dolly - been googling for Hugh Mulhall - but can't find any mention of him or the madness season on the BFI website. Do you know when it is? Is there a way of getting hold of Hugh - love the vid!