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Dolly Sen says 'life has been normal - this must change!' / 7 August 2009

hey there guys, the last month I have been mostly in front of my computer, fundraising and form filling, and there's nothing to report about that, except it seems easier to write a book than fill out a funding application. The only time I have left the house is to go scouting for locations for my Trapped Birds documentary or meeting with my lovely producer Nora Somogyvari, a fellow LCC student and native of Hungary. She has been amazing, and has brought a lot of Hungarian crew to the project, which I am excited about.

One of the things we are working on is a film fundraiser at Candid Arts in Angel London, where she works. Will let you know when it is finalised what the details are. We also went Angel hunting at Stoke Newington Cemetery for use in the film.

Apart from that, I have been a normal human being, enduring normal pain of bereavement and mourning (My grandad and cousin). Have fallen in lust with someone (poor them) and am moaning about the weather. I almost feel like part of the human race!

One thing of note, my madness is going international. I have just done an interview for Arab tv (Al Arabiya) and am helping a Japanese Production Company make a film about mental health. I would love to do a world tour eventually. Hee hee.

I also went to London Pride, which was good fun. I think there should be a disability arts presence there next year. Well, the Catholics and Conservatives were there. And I don't want to march on my own.

Ah, life is never normal, it is a star dancing on snowflake that is stuck up the nose of a monkey that doesn't believe in stars.

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jaya kathrecha

13 September 2009

Hi Dolly,great to hear that you are keeping well and doing what you do best,that is raising awareness of people with mental illness.I have also read your recovery journey narrative,i have been most inspired and humbled by it.It shows great inner resilience to have a meaningful life and make sense of what the real world is about;there is nothing normal about it.its all about fighting for your own space and survival.Stay strong and positive;love jaya