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Disability Now's Article on Mental Health mixed ward / 2 April 2009

I was interviewed by Disability Now about my experience on  mixed wards. Basically, the mental health system in all its wisdom thinks putting suicidal and vulnerable women, most of whom were abused as children, in an environment where the threat of sexual assault is more often there than not. I have been assaulted, most of my female friends who have been on wards have been assaulted. But most of these assaults are rarely tried in court. Apparantly our mental health means we are not reliable witnesses. God, it makes me mad!
The Recovery Model does not talk about Recovery from being in the mental health system, funnily enough.


Aloyse Raptopoulos

2 August 2009

I absolutely agree with what you are saying Dolly about the Recovery model not taking into account the incentive to achieve recovery from the mental health system (which may take as long than personal recovery, if not longer). I have had to work out myself that it is what 'survivors' actually means!

Loving your blog, found lots of useful info. Keep up with all the good work you are doing... Aloyse