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Dominatrix and Disabled? / 23 March 2009

Allo there again,

I know the title sounds like it should be on gumtree but this is not for personal reasons. Honest.

Are there any Dominatrix and Disabled people out there? I want to make a short documentary on the subject, and am interested if anyone wants to share their story.

Normal people are generally uncomfortable about disability and sexuality for some strange reason, well, accepting that, I want to push the boundaries even further and show that our sexual tastes are just as wide.

I am going to come out of  the closet and admit I am a dominatrix myself, so you are in good hands!




21 July 2009

The above caught my eye Dominatrix & disabled people - as you state the 2 rarely go together. Just wondered how you got on as the ad was back in march 2009