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Hello people, at the end of the month I will be in a padded cell. And I will be very happy to be there. Because it is part of the campaign to try and tackle mental health discrimination, organised by Time to Change. They have taken over a carriage of a tram in Sheffield. It is a publicity stunt for the media to be interested in the subject matter so those of us affected by mental health discrimination can tell our stories. As I have often said, sometimes the discrimination and stigma is more painful than the mental health problem, and means the paranoia some of us endure has a basis in reality. I will take some pics while I am up there and post them here.

I am doing 'normal' things as well. I will be starting a new job soon for Mind in Camden as a Development Worker for the London Hearing Voices Group, basically doing outreach to the mental health BME community. Thank you to Mind in Camden for giving me the job. I am well chuffed.

Bye for now, Dollyx