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I am an anti-normal fundamentalist / 8 November 2008

I have just realised I am an anti-normal fundamentalist. But don't worry, I am not into violence and destruction - the normal world is doing that to itself. But I do think normalisation is a very dangerous process. And should it be a thing to aspire to? If you think so, tell me why? Because I'd rather have on my tombstone:' this person flew, this person didn't want to be in a box, this person did all the things she wasn't supposed to. She wasn't accepted but she created her own world.' Rather that than have on your tombstone: I was normal. I did what I was supposed to do- but I am not quite sure why.'

Hello Michelle, great to hear from you. Believe it or not, I too lack energy and motivation a lot of the time, especially in the winter months. But my art is my life. It is the way I live. So any point of action in my life is usually a creation of art. It is also physically painful for me not to be creative. So I really can't help it. I am happily doomed to be an artist. But so glad to hear there are other schizophrenic artists out there. I used to take Olanzapine too. I even contemplated building a lifesize sculpture of myself in olanzapine, but I didn't have enough tablets!