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This week I have been put on some new meds for some recently developed epilepsy, and my mind has done some thinking on it that I am not sure would have arisen if I wasn’t taking these new drugs.

Now with Epilepsy on top of Psychosis, I am doubly ‘disabled’ but how come I don’t get twice my DLA? I have also come to the thought that prospective employers are gonna love me!

I went to a DAO meeting today, and we talked about spaceships, and Colin recreated the universe into something that could fit onto page. Did that really happen?

I also had a dream last night that aliens in trilby hats were going to invade earth with Karl Malden as their leader. Is this connected with the previous comment somehow?

I also realized that the dreamer and the dreamed are the same thing. That the dreamer dreamed a dreamer who dreamed a dreamer, etc.

Also, despite never drumming in my life, I bought a drum kit just because Animal from the Muppets has one.

Or maybe these thoughts are less crazy than the ones I have usually!

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28 February 2008

No we really did talk about spaceships - has to be the most fun 'bored' meeting I've ever attended! Thanks for being involved.


18 February 2008

Ah. Did you dream that you'd bought a drum kit or did the drum kit dream that you played them?! And was Karl Malden really a drummer. We should be told. And if you loose the KLN, Karl Malden is an anagram of REAL MAD. Spooky!