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Madvent Calendar Day Twenty-Five / 25 December 2014

Madvent Calendar Day Twenty-Five

Madvent Calendar Day Twenty-Five

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They wouldn't allow gold ,frankincense and myrrh onto the unit.

To all those who celebrate it, Merry Christmas.

Let's hope 2015 is better for disabled people. This year has been a right *bleep*


Colin Hambrook

30 December 2014

Likewise! The Madvent gave me something to look forward to through the holidays. x

Jane mccormick

25 December 2014

Well done for sticking with the madvent to the bitter end Dolly. No mean feat. Your work here is put your feet up and rest. I enjoyed checking in to see your daily posts from middle of nowhere Ballybackwards ireland. I hope 2015 is a better year for us all.