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Blogging Workshop and the Shameless Promotion of Lux the Dog / 22 October 2012

Blogging Powerpoint by Dolly Sen

Blogging Powerpoint by Dolly Sen

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 I was asked by Creative Futures to guest speak at a blogging workshop run by our very own Colin Hambrook. I don't claim to be a blogging expert, but I enjoy it and have learned over the years its power and its lessons. I am glad I was asked because it made me think about my process, and why I like it so much. I distilled most of what I discovered about blogging into a powerpoint presentation. I think it is self explanatory. Except for maybe the pic of Lux, my dog. I try to slip my muse into everything, and have managed to slip her into every powerpoint I have done in the last few years, see my subversive powerpoint, as an example. Although when I am teaching psychiatrists, they see it as a symptom of my madness, I see them not getting it as a symptom of theirs. I do hope when lux does a powerpoint, she slips in a photo of me! 


Note from Lux the dog: I do plan to do a powerpoint on doggy creativity and the tyranny of humanism in art. I might slip in a photo of Dolly, it depends. 

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Dolly Sen

28 December 2012

I bow down to the wisdom of Badger and Fergus (bows as much as her bad back will allow)

Peter Bloch

22 December 2012

My dog, whose name is Fergus, functions as my muse as does Lux, and is equally keen to have his opinions publicised.

As much to have an end to his continual philosophical musings on the nature of health and happiness as for any other reason, I gave him a page on my website to air his views. He is quite open to feedback, and also to feeding. Here's the link:

Vince laws

28 October 2012

Badger is keen to collaborate with Lux! He gets into my work all over the place, from a muddy pawprint here, to dog hairs in a painting there... when he's not simply lying about being a muse...