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Cheap paint creationism / 24 July 2012

 Was cleaning out some of my room yesterday, and found the remnants of some cheap paint, so I quickly created a painting of a nude, a 99p store nude. The painting is unfinished as I ran out of paint. And I think as human being, there is something not finished, or completed about us, which causes so much pain, but so much beauty too. 

As an agnostic, I don't know if there is a God who created me out of the 99p store version of genetics, or if I am solely the product of my parents' quick shag where my mum probably didn't come, I just don't know. 

The last brushstroke has not left my life yet, but at least now the brush is in my hands.

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Frank Carman

25 July 2012

Manic or not (is there another way!) I thought it read Cheap Nude in's great

Good luck, saved to my favourites

Arrived here via Freewheelin

Frank Carman

Dolly Sen

24 July 2012

You probably have noticed from the amount of blogs in a short space of time, I am in my manic phase!