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Help the Normals - A Charity Appeal / 7 February 2012

 Please give £3 a month to help these poor creatures


Why reward people for being unimaginative, mediocre and unquestioningly obedient, some may say.



I am going to stick my neck out and say they are deserving of  equal human rights.



Besides it is expensive being boring and judgmental, and to pay taxes to subsidise bankers and then blame it all on people with the least amount of power in our society.


Please give generously - they won't

Keywords: charities,cuts to services,disability pride,disability representation,equality,normality,recession,subversion,the big society


Rich Downes

21 December 2013

See the Katherine Araniello normal charity appeal seeking to Help The Normals. See it here

Consider this. Are the normals fair game for disability comedy or are we engaging in normalisation (discrimination based on the difference of being normal)?

If so shouldn't we back Katherine's and Dolly's call for a charity to help the normals? After all, every disabled person knows a normal.


2 March 2012

Down with this sort of thing!

Dolly Sen

9 February 2012

Thank you for the cheque in the post, Deborah, it will subsidise refreshments for those bus passengers who moan that it takes a long time for a bus to let on a wheelchair user.

I think Anon was amazing poet - would love to do a biopic on anon.

And Richard, you can interview me any day I am free. I am already wearing an outfit of a strange creature - a human being skin - it chafes though.

richard downes

9 February 2012

here..... enough of that already. i spent years of my life trying to be normal. i saw major powers in being normal but then i thought i don't really want to be normal, i want to be anonymous and being normal is the best way to be anonymous and any way anon wrote some of my favourite fables. Yet in spite of that of that i never made it so, i comment everywhere just so everyone - notmal or non mormal - knows that it was me that did it.

But i really want to see now if Dolly Sen's Normal Chugging outfit. Will you be an alligator or a rabbit and when you are can i interview you for my chatting to a chugger series which appears in I've already got another entry for it if i can find my notebook which i can't which is pretty normal really. All the normal people lose things. They just don't do time for it.

Deborah Caulfield

7 February 2012

Pity the poor Normals. How they do suffer. I've put a cheque in the post.