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Dolly Sen's Subversive Powerpoint / 24 January 2012

 Powerpoint is probably one of the most unsubversive mediums around, it is used 40,000 times a day to tell people what to do, I thought I would reverse the trend a tiny bit by creating a subversive powerpoint.

It all came about when I was part of  the Sync Leadership and coaching scheme. It really helped me find my focus regarding my arts practice. I was asked to do a presentation at a conference on my subversive career, and Sarah Pickthall, my coach, loved the idea of the powerpoint to accompany it, because she knew I would think it my moral duty to subvert such a dull medium, so here it is!

Keywords: art,digital art,disability art,disability representation,disabled peoples movement,internet,mad creative,mad pride,mental health,normality,subversion,survivor movement



26 January 2012

Brilliant demonstration of so-called 'normality' Dolly! Do you ever get to play the slide show to an audience? It would make a great back-drop to a piece of stand-up.

richard downes

24 January 2012

could we have another slide show please, another beautiful one, another not normal one, another mad one. Could i steal your workshop and make it mine? Is you art on more than my web domain?