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DaDaFest lightening logo

DaDaFest lightening logo

Innovative Liverpool-based disability and deaf arts organisation Disability and Deaf Arts will now be known as DaDaFest – taking on the name of its best known event, the critically acclaimed international festival. In line with this name change, the entire DaDaFest brand has received an overhaul including a vibrant new image and website design.

The new ‘lightning’ design created by Smiling Wolf; was chosen following audience workshops and consultation to reflect DaDaFest’s dynamic and disruptive nature. DaDaFest worked together with Smiling Wolf to ensure the design was kept as accessible as possible, with colour, typology and legibility as key concerns. This refreshed and contemporary look and feel brings the focus on to the festival whilst driving consistency across all the organisation’s great projects, including Young DaDaFest.

In collaboration with key partners Liverpool City Council and Arts Council England, DaDaFest decided to use the name of what is increasingly regarded as the leading international festival in its field to refer to its organisation as a whole. As part of the branding exercise, Smiling Wolf have created 3 DaDaFest characters to represent the festival itself. Named Kurt, Dan and Paula, these exuberant characters will be revealed to the public soon.

Simon Rhodes, Creative Director at Smiling Wolf said:

“DaDaFest is a force of nature, both artistically and politically. Its explosive and exuberant qualities have shaped our approach to developing a brand that stays true to DaDaFest's disruptive character. The lightning strike logo feels like a great visual shorthand for expressing DaDaFest's energy.

“Working closely with DaDaFest to develop an exciting brand that remains accessible to all was an extremely positive experience. And its right that DaDaFest is championing true accessible design in this way, for all of their audiences.”

The new DaDaFest website at - by Error Creative Studio - reflects this new look and also contains an increased volume of information about DaDaFest and the 2012 festival. With a focus on accessibility, flexibility and good design, the website boasts many exciting new features  and video content. The new site underlines DaDaFest’s commitment to providing its audience with up to date digital resources and channels of engagement. As with the new branding design, users have been consulted throughout the digital development process.

Ruth Gould, CEO of DaDaFest said:

“DaDaFest has grown beyond our wildest dreams and we need to stay relevant and cutting edge with the duel aim to be as accessible as we can. We are delighted to have our new makeover and thank all who have inputted.”

This year’s festival runs from Friday 13th July – Sunday 2nd September, with events concentrated in the last two weeks of August.  Based in established arts venues across Liverpool, DaDaFest 2012 will build on the successes of the previous ten festivals in presenting the very best work by leading disability and deaf artists from across the globe.

With the DaDaFest exhibition ‘Niet Normaal: Difference on Display’ part of the London 2012 Festival programme, the Festival will offer a cultural celebration in the North West alongside the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. DaDaFest 2012 will include high-profile collaborations with international artists, further work with young people, development of the festival online and continuation of successful events such as Young DaDaFest.

Events will range from a major international visual arts exhibition, cutting-edge comedy to deaf culture events and leading international musicians, with a programme that will both entertain and present artforms from different cultural perspectives. The Festival’s theme TransActions - Fluid Bodies: Shifting Identities, will look at how disability affects the lives of us all, examining exchanges that occur between people and technology and how our sense of identity is bound up with our changing bodies.

Disability Arts and Culture has grown over the last 20 years into a discernibly confident and accomplished artistic movement of expression around experiences of disability. DaDaFest was the first and is now the biggest, most comprehensive and challenging festival of Disability & Deaf Arts in the world.