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Deaf rock! / 4 June 2011

A non-disabled heavy metal fan seems to have met his match when stumbling into a debate being currently aired on the Pesky People blog.

Having tried to establish just what arrangements had been made for access to the 13 venues that would be hosting a tribute to Heavy Metal music, our disabled sister Alison ran into a brick wall. Not literally, you understand, but an equally effective wall of silence from the organisors.

In the end, the only response that she did get was that she should check out each of the venues herself in order to establish just how accessible they were. Apart from the impracticality of her travelling around Birmingham and the West Midlands in order to see which venue she would be able to access, the response fell somewhat short of the legislation laid down in the Disability Discrimination Act (1996) and the Equalities Act (2010) regarding access to such venues – both acts clearly state that any service must make reasonable adjustments to make their service accessible and that any service must anticipate what those needs might be.

Enter our non-disabled Heavy Metal fan who thought that not only was Alison's request unreasonable but was in some way antagonistic! Had she not considered the feelings of the event organisors when posting about this ommission from their programme? How dare she?! He then went on to compound the situation by suggesting that Alison was being a Dick!

Bring it on my son... Needless to say quite a few fellow crips have jumped in with responses, including yours truly. But then I though, hang on, we should all have access to this debate, so I'm posting the link to the blog here and suggesting that you all join in! His name is Pete Ashton by the way ...

To join in the debate to access Pesky People's blog site please click here. It's worth taking the time to read the comments from the top down to the latest one in order to get the full picture.

So, over to you gentle readers. : -)

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Alison (Pesky People blog)

13 June 2011

Thank you to everyone for your comments. It’s time to draw a close to this for now. I will update if there is anything new to say.

Obviously this won’t stop you blogging about this if you would like to.

I would appreciate it if you DIDN’T make abusive or personal comments about Pete Ashton because although we disagree about this he is a good person and helped to set up the first Pesky People website.

Thank you.


11 June 2011

Thanks for taking the trouble to comment though Pete ;-)

Pete Ashton

9 June 2011

That't not what I said at all, but I understand how you might read it that way. Meaning is hard to communicate when passions are high.


8 June 2011

You can add your comment, along with practical, positive solutions to the issues raised, by clicking onto the Pesky People blog link at the bottom of this article. Thanks.

Alison Smith

4 June 2011

It would be great if people could add their comments to Pesky Poeple blog - it is something of a problem nationally that we are being left behind and not considered as audiences by some cultural venues.

If you can add your thoughts - it not only adds to the debate but what I want to see is practical positive solutions that venue organisers take on board but also ensures they recognise and engage with their audiences better.

We matter too..

Arty farty

4 June 2011

Go Alison, go girl!!