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Precautionary measures?! / 2 June 2011

Chief Constable

Crippen's Chief Constable cartoon

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It strikes me as strange that this government haven't safe-guarded themselves by keeping the police forces around the country happy.

As more and more people take to the streets in protest against the ConDem's slash and burn tactics, I would have thought that they are going to need the boys and girls in blue to maintain public order and keep party members safe. But with the various police forces up and down the country being faced with their own cuts, there's now a strong possiblity that some police officers will be joining in the protests.

I suspect that this government would initially react by playing one force off against another - having the Met control a protest march by the Yorkshire Constabulary for example. Although apart from adding further to the North-South divide if they did do this, I think it would allow for the more anarchistic elements of protest to exploit this and capitalise on the divisions created. Not something that Mr C and his cronies would want I suspect!

History has shown us that in this sort of situation governments start to manipulate information, creating an atmosphere of fear that allows for new 'emergency' measurers to be implemented. New laws are rushed through that allow for people's civil rights to be ignored or crushed under foot by those seeking to establish scapegoats for the situation that the country finds itself in ... seem familiar?!

Let's hope that there's a whistle blower in government who is keeping watch for those signs of yet more political control appearing. Bulk orders for jack boots and black uniform material, the building of accessible internment camps to house those of us who are deemed too dangerous to be at large. It wouldn't really suprise me as to what lengths the present government will go in order to recreate society in its own distorted image.

Keep a careful watch brothers and sisters. It's not a big step for us to be branded tomorrow's terrorists if this government has its way.  

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Derek McMillan

6 June 2011

I would dearly like to use your cartoon in my blog. Is it OK to link to it?

trevor taylor

2 June 2011

. Ere you lefty git . we all know that the our best interests at heart and the cuts are for our own good. I think it,s lovely the way they bailed out the banks with our money all over the world and now allyou lot can do is whinge because they are going to shut down the hospitals and the schools. Where has the Dunkirk spirit gone.

Anyway .If its all too much for you ,I notice that smack and crack are really cheap these days. So buck up and support those that i,m sure know best. Up yours ,TLFP Taylor. formerly Lord Fuck of Fuck All