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The Big Society Sucks! / 21 April 2011

The Big Society Sucks! - a poem by Ann Young

 I will not go quietly
Or rebuild bridges burnt
I'll make my own way now
With many lessons learnt

Hard work needs reward
It's the only way
A good day's work
For a decent pay!

We fought so hard
For our equality
Don't throw all that away
By wanting work for free

I'll not work for nothing
It seems so wrong to ask
I'm a disabled woman
Reclaiming my working class


I was offered voluntary work but rejected it. I have worked so hard to get where I am and giving away my hard earned knowledge for free goes against everything I believe in as a disabled women with strong working class values. I do believe there is still a mainstream view that we have nothing of value to offer, so I just wanted to voice my own thoughts regarding Cameron's Big Society rhetoric.

Ann Young April 2010

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linda Burnip

24 April 2011

Reminds me of all the consultations I've been to, in exchange for lunches of variable quality. Department of Health got very weird when I said they could pay me as I don't get any benefits too.


22 April 2011

Good job Ann. Totally agree of course.

Ann Young

22 April 2011

Thanks Crippen. Justice has been done & I'm smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Ann Young

22 April 2011

Thanks Crippen. Justice has been done & I'm smiling like a Cheshire cat.


21 April 2011

Says it all Ann.

We all need to stop providing our expertise for free, especially to those disability pimps who then use the information against us. Only by charging for our time and experience will we start to be taken seriousely.

I propose that from now on, anyone who provides chargeable work for free to anyone outside of our movement should be cured and no longer able to say that they're a disabled person! ;-)

Joe Mc

21 April 2011

Bliar, Cameron and Clegg

among the first to blame

please stop making war

saying its in our name


21 April 2011

I hope that I've done your poem justice Ann?