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Protect yourself on FaceBook / 27 February 2011

As many of you will be aware I've been experiencing malicious attacks on my FaceBook accounts over the past six months or so, which, by a strange co-incidence, is also the same amount of time I've been creating cartoons about the Coalition government and their horrendous attacks on disabled people.

I've also set up another blog in order to take any heat away from this DAO one, which, thanks to the expert care of my web manager Ken, who also runs my web sites, continues to go from strength to strength. You can find my political blog by clicking here.

The other day I had a message from a disabled colleague advising me that their was now a way to protect your FaceBook account by passing it through FaceBook's new encryption server. Similiar to the system used by on-line banking etc., this is very easy to set up (takes a couple of minutes) and which I thought I would share with you all. I've also had this information verified as authentic by Ken (see above) and also by FaceBook themselves.

By following these simple steps it will stop your FaceBook account being accessed by an unauthorised user (hacker). So here we go:

While on FB, look at your url address. If you see http: instead of https: then you DON'T have a secure session (not encrypted) and you are wide open to people assuming your identity and accessing your account.

To change this, first go to 'Account', which is at the end of the FaceBook blue bar at the top of your page (usually on the right). Click this and then select 'account settings' from the drop down menu. Then scroll down the page that opens to 'account security' and then click on the 'change' option (black printing on the right).

The page will refresh and you'll now have 'hide' instead of 'change' and also two new tick boxes underneath the account security heading. Tick both of these boxes with your mouse and this will change your url to a secure pathway and also trigger an email alert if your account is accessed from another computer.

The final and most importent thing to do next is to click on SAVE (under the ticked boxes).

Your url should now show which means that it will be very difficult for your account to be hacked now as it will be encrypted.

A final point. If you access your FB account by opening it as a 'Favourite' or as a 'Bookmarked' item (Firefox) it might pay to resave it as 'Facebook secure log on' or similiar, and then delete the original listed item. A bit belt and braces I know, but then I've become very twitchy about this!

Incidentally, my new FB page is listed under my name 'Dave Lupton' instead of Crippen so if you lost me as a friend when the original one crashed, please feel free to join me on this new one!

Anyway, I hope this helps. Please feel free to pass the link to this blog on to other friends.

Take care.


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10 March 2011

thanks a lot for the facebook tips and how to do it - really helpful!

Cal Desmond-Pearson

27 February 2011

Thanks for the tip and the blogs - really dig your work :)

I've posted some of your cartoons on my FB page. Hope you don't mind?

Arty Farty

27 February 2011

So that's where you are on facebook. Will go there straight away, if not sooner .... oh, and thanks for the tip Mr C.