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Crippen says 2011 - bring it on! / 6 January 2011

Hi folks,

here's hoping that you had a great holiday and are all fighting fit for 2011?!

I'm just getting over man flu (second dose) so have been a bit lax with regard to posting here for a couple of weeks. I am, however putting the final stages to the follow-on from my last blog where lots of you mailed and messaged me with ideas and suggestion about involving the disability arts movement with the current anti-cuts protests throughout the UK. I hope to have this up within the next couple of days. It will be well worth waiting for, I promise.

Big Society

As I've previously mentioned. I'm now running a seperate blog to carry my more political work and you can see what I'm up to there by clicking on the following link.

It's a scary time as this government are gradually clicking all of the pieces of their 'Big Society' into place, and the recent white paper intended to change the way that people give to charities in the UK is a part of this. This will affect all aspects of disabled people's lives and is part of the bigger plan to get us off the streets and back into Care Homes!

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Penelope Friday

16 January 2011

Hi Dave,

Please can you contact me about the possibility of using your cartoons in a speech I'm giving about sexuality and disability?

I'm presuming that although my email address isn't revealed to the public you can see it! You could probably guess it, if not...

Arty Farty

7 January 2011

Happy New Year Mr C. :-)