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Crippen reports on the slash and burn tactics of the ConDem’s / 21 October 2010

Opposition MP’s are using the term ‘slash and burn’ to describe the knee jerk reaction of the Coalition to the financial deficit that they claim to have inherited from Labour.

Rampaging through the country in a similar way to the Viking’s when they were first attracted to our shores; the ConDem’s have spared no one in their attack upon our society. Seemingly with no real plan or any indication that rational thought has gone into this process, they appear to have indiscriminately attacked all who fall within the category of vulnerable.

Not content with slashing away at the funding needed to keep our health service, local government and educational services, transport, the arts and community services running, they’ve also ensured that any future Disabled people may have looked forward to has also been destroyed.

After years of struggling against an unjust and inaccessible society, Disabled people had begun to feel that at last they were starting to get somewhere. The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) brought us much needed legislation and doors were literally opening for us all in areas of education, transport, housing, employment and the Arts.

Now those doors have been slammed shut and we find ourselves once again the government’s scapegoats, the ‘useless eaters’ without whom society wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in.

We shouldn’t be all that surprised though. Most of the current government consists of MP’s who belong to a class of people who count amongst their friends and associates those very people who created the deficit. These are the bankers and financial speculators who spirited away billions of pounds from our economy using the self same tactics!

Come the revolution!


Information paper

For a comprehensive analysis of the government's so called spending revue, click on the following link which will take you to the Inclusion London site and their downloadable information paper. Here is the introduction to the analysis.

"We reject the government’s claim that these cuts are either fair or progressive. They are a brutal attack on disabled people and will intensify poverty and inequality. Cuts in services and jobs will hit disabled people hard. Disabled people have also been targeted for specific cuts, particularly to Incapacity Benefit/ESA and DLA."

Download the information paper by clicking here

Inclusion London is an organisation of Disabled people run and controlled by Disabled people and promoting equality for London's Deaf and Disabled people.





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30 October 2010

Fish and Crips eh Vince?!

vince laws

25 October 2010

Hi Crippen, how's it hanging?

I'm planning a brand new campaign: EAT THE POOR!

This will reduce benefit claimants, free up housing, help reduce the need for meat production, cut down on the nhs bill.... i can't think of a single drawback. Well, except that I'm poor. How about a nice cartoon to go with it?



25 October 2010

Slash and burn! Indeed!

And, I agree with John!

Get well soon Dave, thinking of you, you are making a difference even from your hospital bed x


24 October 2010

Hi Folks,

I'm sorry I'm not being as active as usual at the moment. I'm having a few health problems but I'm told that after treatment I'll be a new man (which Jeni is really looking forward to!).

I'm planning on being very brave and keeping this blog going though - NURSE, the screens!


John Hargrave

24 October 2010

I sat and watched the clone of Cameron trying to justify their cuts on TV this morning. As far as I can remember, the LIBDEM manifesto was worded vastly differently to this,not a mention about wrecking the Welfare state , so why no outcry from their supporters, perhaps they are too comfortable under Cameron's blankets to notice a small insignificant ten million plus,disabled people. We scrape the bottom of the barrel while they lick their silver platters. Fair, there ain't nowt fair about these cuts!

John McArdle

24 October 2010




Bob Williams Findlay

21 October 2010

The British public would rather watch reality TV or read tittle tattle about some greedy over-sexed footballer than give a monkeys about the family down the road, the abuse that's going on in residental care or the number of people who are likely to top themselves as a result of Parliament sitting on their bums as Osborne takes from the poor and gives to the rich once again.

We have a blame culture, everyone else has caused this, why should "I" get involvd; not my problem pal.

Arty Farty

21 October 2010

What is wrong with the British public. We all just sit there and take whatever the government throws at us. I think that we're well overdue for a revolution in this country and I can't think of a group of people better equipped to start it - us Crips!