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Crippen is hacked off with Face Book / 26 September 2010

Many of you will know that I run a Face Book account as Crippen - Disabled cartoonist and post links to various disability related events that are going on as well as links to this blog and other disabled artists.

When the ConDem Coalition came into being I began to create cartoons that supported the stand being taken by groups and organisations who were protesting about the benefit cuts being planned. My posts carried cartoons created for the 3rd October Disabled People's Protest group and the Disabled People's Black Triangle protest group. Both of these groups are planning to be at the Tory Party Annual Conference in Birmingham this year, and to march along with thousands of other Trades Unionists, anti-poverty groups, etc., who are planning the biggest protest since the Poll Tax protests.

One of the cartoons that depicted Clegg and Cameron with blood on their hands kept being forced off of Face Book, and then my account began to get hacked. Messages and postings were sent out, alledgedly from me, enticing people to connect to various spyware harvester sites, malware and spamming sites, etc. My password was changed and for a time I was unable to reconnect to my Face Book accounts page.

I eventually decided to close the account for a period of time because it just became too time consuming, cleaning out all of the corrupt applications that were being posted on my Face Book wall by persons unknown.

It's a strange coincidence that all this started to happen when I became involved in the anti benefit cut campaigns and started to create cartoons about Clegg and Cameron's roll in all this. Other people I know, who are also involved in the campaigns have also had similiar problems with their computers.

A case of some creative hacking from some clandestine government department. Or just some malicious individual who gets his kicks from making trouble. Who knows?

What do you think?

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Aura Willow Hazel

30 September 2012

crippen have you ever tried diaspora? if not give it a try it's a tad more secure

liz jones [olwen]

24 October 2010

We miss you on Black Triangle.If you have any cartoons for them happy to post them for you!I don't really care if I get a virus.They are almost at the 1000 members mark!

Sue Bott

19 October 2010

can't help feeling defence expenditure could be cut a bit more if it easn't necessary to keep combatting your cartoons - how irresponsible crippen!

Andy via Face Book

27 September 2010

More power to your eblow Crippen. I think your cartoons gave out a powerful message and I'm not surprised that someone tried to sabotage your work. Keep at it mate!

Arty Farty

27 September 2010

I think the ConDems are running scared and it's down to you and other disabled people who are involved in organising the protests against the benefit cuts that are causing them sleepless nights.

It doesn't surprise me in the least that they would try and close you down!


27 September 2010

Thanks for the messages and emails folks. As my old granddad used to say: 'Illegitimi non carborundum' (Don't let the bastards grind you down).



27 September 2010

I think it's the Pope wot done it!


26 September 2010

Don't forget that if it's benefits cuts related you can always post it at

Joanne Meadowcroft

26 September 2010

Hi there Crippen,

I think its massively suspicious that your computer problems coincided with the posting of your cartoons.

Keep up the excellent work. I love your cartoons :-) Jo.