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Crippen addresses the Catholic faith's outdated belief in the origins of disability / 18 September 2010

A lot has been written both for and against the Pope’s visit this week.

Apart from the fact that he continues to tell people in the third world that to use condoms as a protection against HIV and AIDS is a sin, the main thing that rankles for me is that the Catholic Church has never publicly updated its belief in the origins of Disability.

Talk to many older Catholics and they can remember their Priests telling them that a person was born disabled due to a sin committed by one or both of their parents. I bet the Priests loved it when a Disabled child was born out of wedlock because then they could say “I told you so!”

They tell me that today’s more enlightened Priests no longer say this, but that old belief has never, to my knowledge, ever been fully weeded out from the faith. Even today, in countries such as Spain where Catholicism is the leading religion, a lot of people still believe that Disabled children are only born to those who have sinned. I’m told by Spanish Disabled people that it is mainly due to this belief that they have found it difficult to move towards any real equality within their society.

Perhaps it is time for the Pope to lay to rest this outdated and damaging belief and to use this visit to the UK to do so publicly.

Only by hearing it from the lips of ‘God’s representative on Earth’ will many Catholics put down this corrupt understanding and start to work with Disabled people towards our full and unconditional inclusion into societies throughout the world.

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19 September 2010

worked late at work one night way back s took a cab home.

On the dashboard a sticker.... jesus saves.

Taxi driver asks; why do you work there.

Its a disabled people's organisation, i am a disdabled person.

Have you ever tried healing?

Yes I have but i don't h tink its the way forward any more.

Well, that's it you see. you did not believe. you do not have faith. The scriptures tell of a lake which the angel of the lord touched and it became a placeof healing. A disabled man sat by the side of the lake for a year and jesus happened by. Help me lord said the crip. Do you want to be healed said Jesus. Yes said the man and jesus walked on and the man remained unhealed. This is because he did nothave faith. If he had faith he would have got in the lake.

And if jesus was alive today he'd have buillt a f**king ramp


18 September 2010

Interesting thought, but when one reads the story of Job in the Old testament, one clearly sees that disability does not necessarily come through either original sin, or sins of parents. Job was a faithfull servant of the Lord, and God said to the Devil look at my faithful servant Job, the devil wanted a wager that he could tempt Job into sin, God said ok but, don't harm Job. The devil was allowed to kill off Job's family, get rid of his riches and his animals, etc but Job remained Good and faithful to the Lord. God was pleased, Devil wasn't pleased, so said to God let me hurt Job, God said okay and Devil gave him Neurofibromatosus (or boils). Job was still faithful despite his new disability.

To this end, one can be disabled for pleasing God. I can't explain theological concepts, so why not try this youtube video.

graeme morgan

18 September 2010

I am beginning to feel really sorry for this poor guy, he`s getting on everybody is having a go at him because he is forgetful, he forgot to change his views on condom`s, he forgot to cancel his subscription, now he forgot this, I mean give him a break after all he is just a man.