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A poem by Infannity entitled Bin / 26 August 2010

I'm often asked to produce some artwork or a cartoon for a piece of poetry or prose that has been created by a fellow artist. This one in particular fired my imagination and made me want to share it with you.

(for Jimmy Fingers, with peace love and understanding)

The place has walls,
I can touch them if I wish,
I could no longer tell you their colour
they are the same colour as all the walls
in all the other places.

Here I wander
Here I touch and feel
Here no-one can hurt me.
Here I am reminded when to eat and sleep
by a clock
that someone else watches.
Here I say what I am thinking
Here I say what thinks me.
That is why I am here.
Here is where I remind myself I am
When here is where I am not. 

Because they haven’t got a name for that
Because they haven’t got a place
for people who do things they can’t find names for. 
That is why I am here.

by Infannity



Keywords: mental health,psychiatric medication,psychiatry,psychosis,survivor movement



17 September 2010

Gee, thanks, Arty!

(no need to join anything)


31 August 2010

ermm!!!! what else could be done with a self defined label?

Arty Farty

26 August 2010

Wow! More of this person's work please Mr Colin ( and I mean Infannity).