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Crippen takes a cynical look at the use of bounty hunters to round up benefit cheats / 21 August 2010

Crippen's cynical take on the benefits bounty hunters

Crippen's dead or alive cartoon

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A recent survey shows that society has completely fallen for the latest piece of CONDEM misinformation that millions of pounds are being claimed fraudulently, especially those benefits that are designed to assist Disabled people to compete more equally in the work place. They also endorse the use of paid Bounty Hunters to track these alleged cheats down.

The fact that the government’s own figures show that this fraud claim is a complete nonsense and that millions of pounds lay unclaimed by those people who are entitled to them, doesn’t stop them from continuing to spout out this dangerous rubbish.

Disabled people have once again been identified as being either frauds and not entitled to the benefits they are claiming (and this particularly applies to those of us with a hidden impairment) or as being vulnerable members of society that need caring for (us crips having been lumped back in again with the ‘vulnerable members of society’ definition!).

So much for all of the hard work that has gone into identifying the disabling barriers that exist within society; the attempts to make society a more level playing field with Disabled people having an equal opportunity to live, travel, work and play along with our non-disabled brethren.

What next - licences for Disabled people to beg in the streets as ‘deserving poor’ as was the case a hundred or so years ago? With this lot in power nothing would surprise me!

PS. It looks as though there will be the biggest turn out ever of Disabled people and their allies for the planned protest outside of the Tory Party conference on 3rd October. Watch for some quick changes in the law as the CONDEMs declare us all terrorists and ban everyone from the streets during that week!


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Joe McConnell

22 August 2010

But this "witch hunt" was already started by New Labour (Old Tories - spot the difference if you can). After Incapacity Benefit was replaced by Employment and Support Allowance, new claimants now get cut off after 6 months. People with severe mental health difficulties have to bend over backward to prove that they are not fit enough to work. The initial assessment is done by an agency which apparently works on a target basis. So the Bounty Hunters have been on the loose for a while now.


22 August 2010

Don't forget you can post links on the DAO FB page


21 August 2010

Have just added a mention of the protest Farty boy and will certainly post some more info nearer the time. There's lots of links going up on FaceBook about the protest so if anyone wants to get into the information loop I suggest that you log on to FaceBook and sign up a friend of mine, Crippen - Disabled cartoonist and I'll share any info I get.

Arty Farty

21 August 2010

I'm hoping to meet lots of fellow crips when we all protest outside the Tory Party Conference on 3rd October. I'm sure that Mr C will give us all a heads up!

patricia wright

21 August 2010

Well said Dave, glad someone is sharing this information, Public awareness needs to be raised. x