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Crippen orders his very own 'mini-Mandeville' Olympic soft toy / 9 August 2010

Wow ... from Tuesday 24th August you'll be able to order your very own 'mini-Mandeville', the soft toy manufactured in China to represent the crip part of the 2012 Olympics.

It's only 25 pounds plus 4.95 delivery (guaranteed delivery within 2 days, or if you can't wait that long you can pay extra for next day delivery!).

Sorry to report that the boxed sets are already sold out, but you can always make your own box I would have thought?!

The only thing that worries me is that it says in the advertising blurb that it comes with small parts. I do hope that people don't get the wrong idea about us because of this. Although as they say, size isn't everything!

I've already ordered mine!

PS. In case you think I made this up, have a look for yourself! Click here for the link to the site.

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Bob Williams-Findlay

12 August 2010

I will refuse to accept this mini-Mandeville unless it has a plastic figure of Doctor Ludwig Gutman to go with it.

Memories of my early childhood, yuk!


11 August 2010

ha ha ... was thinking along the lines of incontinence myself Vix. Maybe another cartoon is called for?! :-)


10 August 2010

I realise the character is meant to be a boy, but every time I look at its blue crotch, i'm reminded of the sanitary pad adverts with blue water. Anyone else? just me then....

Arty Farty

9 August 2010

I wonder if they burn better than Pudsey?!


9 August 2010

why aren't the mandeville crips making their own mandeville? its gotta be better than basket making.