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Crippen muses on the attacks on Disabled people by the CONDEMs / 9 July 2010

I have been musing on the attacks on Disabled people's day to day lives that this CONDEM coalition have already started making and watching with interest ways in which crips are grouping to try to resist. 

High on the worry-list is the apparent complete lack of understanding by the government of the nature of Disability Living Allowance (DLA).  As we Disabled people and our allies all know only too well, the basis of this financial support is actually to go some small way towards helping with the extra costs of being a Disabled person in a disabling society. 

Yes, I know, it does only go a small way and there have always been plenty of hoops to struggle through to get DLA at all (like some 50 pages form of application just to start ... ). However, DLA is at least about acknowledging that many crips - whatever their circumstances - have extra support costs and find it more expensive to travel and get around. 

Why is it then that the Budget statement and the Programme for Government, which spearhead the attack on DLA, entirely miss the point?  The government talks about reducing dependency and promoting work in relation to DLA.  Come on!  DLA (as we all know) is a benefit which is available (at least in theory) to Disabled people whether they are in work or not. 

For one thing, taking it away from people (by more stringent assessments) and reducing it will make it LESS likely that working disabled people will be able to carry on in employment.  That's one of the (many) things that worries me about the CONDEM axe-people - they don't even seem to pause to grasp these basics in their ideological rush to slash anything to do with 'welfare'.

Lots of groups and organisations are already campaigning hard against the whole range of attacks on Disabled people, including on DLA.  I found some good info on the Inclusion London website on the Programme for Government and how the Budget will damage Disabled people's lives.  Depressing reading of course - but it is a damn sight more honest than any of the government's own stuff and more readable than a lot of the other analysis on the effects of the Budget. 

Click here to visit the Inclusion London site. They have both a full version and an easy read version to download about the budget and the proposed cuts.

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Sedley Bryden

10 July 2010

This is deliberate campaign of misinformation.

TheConDems know exactly what DLA is all about, they are just choosing to mislead the general public in order to excite the 'scroungers' definition of disability.

As you rightly say, many people in receipt of DLA are working and would probably no longer be able to without DLA and the add ons it provides.

A plague on both their houses"

Bob Williams-Findlay

10 July 2010

Removing 1 in 5 DLA claimants will cut the Welfare budget however as Crippen rightly points out one of the knock on effects will be to prevent some disabled people from paying tax, being able to work, hire a car and spend their wages on goods and services.

The CONDEM approach puts political and ideological considerations above the needs of both the economy and the majority of it citizens. They're bankrupt policies will damage thousands of lives and will increase both inequality and poverty among disabled people. They're not 'fit for purpose' and need driving from power.

Arty Farty

9 July 2010

when was it ever a qualifier that a government had to know what it was doing?!