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Crippen gives a heads up about the up-coming D.A.N demonstration / 5 June 2010

Crippen's cartoon about the proposed day of action on 16th June

Crippen's National Day cartoon

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On Wednesday the 16th June the Disabled people's Direct Action Network (D.A.N) will take to the streets in solidarity with the National Day of Action against the dismantling of the Welfare State.

D.A.N demonstrations will be taking place in Manchester and London and will welcome all people who identify, or who are regarded as disabled, whatever their background or impairments.

For those of you who have never been on a D.A.N demo it's important that you know that D.A.N. uses the strategy of non-violent civil disobedience and does not beg for the right to protest. This means that all of D.A.N's protests are without permission and participants could be seen as breaking the law and leaving themselves open to arrest. However Robert Lizard Solicitors will once again represent any Danner who may be arrested during the demonstrations. 

There are usually PA's available to offer support to Disabled protesters but you are encourage to bring your own support team if possible. British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters are being recruited for the event on the 16th, so if you are an interpreter or know of someone who could help in this respect, please let the organisers know.

Log onto Clair Lewes' blog for more up to date information about the event. Regular danners are requested to contact Becca Y and Steve G as usual.

Information about the general protest can be found on the Defend Welfare site.

To see D.A.N members in action visit this You-Tube site

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Mary Marshall Fowler via FaceBook

8 June 2010

Crippen - Thanks for letting us know what's going in GB. Very discouraging on both sides of the Atlantic.

Arty Farty

6 June 2010

Too far away from Manchester or London but my heart will be there with you guys. Hope to see most of the country coming out on the streets on the 16th!