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Crippen shares some thoughts and poetry from Deaf Bitch / 13 May 2010

I’ve had some correspondence recently with a colleague known in crip circles as Deaf Bitch. Her shared insights into Deaf culture have helped me to understand a great deal about the many forms of oppression that Deaf people face within our society. 

Here’s some of what she wrote followed a recent programme about children having cochlear implants.

“I was watching a programme about a one year old boy who was about to have a double cochlear implant.

"During the programme we heard the mum say about her older daughter, who was also born deaf and who also had this done, that before the operation 'it was like she died'. 

“This was followed by the surgeon saying that if the boy didn't have this operation he would be 'condemned to a life of sign and special schools'.  

“I don't get into blaming people who want their children to have this invasive procedure, whatever my personal view, but this just made me jump up and down in sheer fury and distress.”

And here’s a sample of Deaf Bitch's outstanding poetry …

I’ve had enough....
negotiating, compromising
suggesting gently in ladylike tones
reaching consensus
hinting it might be a good idea if....
doing research
writing reports
proving the business case
explaining the law
taking the barriers down inch by painful inch
brick by careful brick
I want to

all in one go on one perfect day of ecstasy.

Deaf Bitch 2010

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19 May 2010

Our esteemed Editor Colin is currently talking to Deaf Bitch about show casing more of her work on DAO ... watch this space folks!


19 May 2010

Oops ... sorry Sarah. The last line had fallen off the end of the editing page! We can just say that it was deliberate; holding the last line back as a piece of performing art?! :-)


18 May 2010

One of the artists in my/our group of disabled artists is deaf. I have been following deaf culture for as long as I have been disabled. When I was a teen, I was babysitter for neighbors who were deaf who had hearing children. The women in my family lose our hearing with aging.

sarah p

14 May 2010

like the cartoon with this! but you missed the last line off this poem:

"all in one go on one perfect day of ecstasy"

Arty Farty

13 May 2010

Now that's what I call poetry ... where can I read more from Deaf Bitch and why isn't she one of your bloggers?!