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Crippen receives disturbing news from Northern Ireland / 17 April 2010

I have been getting some rather disturbing messages from Gay Disabled friends in Northern Ireland in relation to a recent conference promoting 'conversion therapy'. This is the process where people can be 'cured' of their homosexuality through prayer.

The conference, which was held back in February was organised by Core Issues, an evangelical Christian group in Northern Ireland which promotes this so-called therapy and claims to have 'saved' numerous homosexual Christians. The star speaker is the Rev Mario Bergner, a Chicago-based Anglican preacher and leading proponent of conversion therapy, who claims to have been cured of Aids and homosexuality through prayer.

Despite a big presence at a protest rally organised by the Queer Youth Network and the Stop Conversion Therapy Taskforce (Scott), a new lobby group set up by gay journalist Patrick Strudwick, many Gay people in Northern Ireland are being badly affected by this new move by organised religion in the area. So much so that, according to one source, many are taking their own lives.

This month, The Independent published the results of a year-long investigation by Patrick Strudwick, which exposed how evangelical therapists – some operating within the NHS – try to "convert" homosexual men and women to heterosexuality. Strudwick explained the protests were to reassure any gay man or woman tempted to try conversion therapy that homosexuality is not an illness which needs to be cured. "The message of our protest is simple," Patrick told the Independent. "Love needs no cure. We want to remind the young people in the conference in the midst of so-called treatment that they are healthy, normal, valuable people; they are perfect how they are; they don't need to try to change something unchangeable and they can be happy being who they really are."

One of my sources in Northern Ireland is working with others to get Disabled artists involved in the protest and told me: "There is splintering amongst some of the queer/gay groups but a group has formed that has an ambition for artistic intervention. I have been saying F**** the divisions - that's what Northern Ireland’s sectarian history thrives on. I would like to rally the Disabled artists I connect with. They need to see that this is a humanitarian issue."

If anyone feels that they would like to become involved in this issue, please contact me at and I'll pass your contact details on.

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Arty Farty

18 April 2010

Blimey, does this sort of thing still go on. What next, public burnings to drive the evil spirits out?! (Like your other cartoon for the Queer Action group Mr C. I'll definately be looking at people's shadows from now on!!)


18 April 2010

I think the main thing is that our brothers and sisters in Northern Ireland feel that they are very isolated where they are. If we can all raise awareness of the issues that are being faced there and connect into the networks that are being set up we can help them to bring these practices to more public awareness. I've sent around some invites to join the FB group 'Queer Action Belfast' who are one of the leading groups in action against this foul practice.

Clair Lewis/Dennis Queen

17 April 2010

It is definitely a time for people in the local area to build solidarity and common ground with each other to fight back. Also how can those of us out of the country support local activists? Anything useful we can do?

Glenn Willis

17 April 2010

Yeah, there's a 'conversion therapy' that I'd like to try on muppets like that! It involves a 12-bore!