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Crippen looks at Vicky Wright's open letter to Frankie Boyle / 16 April 2010

I'm devoting this week's blog to directing you to another part of the Disability Arts Online web site.

Following newspaper and television coverage about a series of crass and unfunny remarks that Frankie Boyle made during his recent stand-up comedy routine about people with learning difficulties, specifically Down's Syndrome, our very own Vicky Wright has jumped into the fray with an open letter to him.

Please click on this link -">Vicky's open letter - which really says it all.

Nice one Vicky x

Keywords: bad jokes,learning disability,spoken word



16 April 2010

I'm up for it ... let's talk to Colin (Editor) and see what we can arrange

Victoria Wright

16 April 2010

Why art farty, i quite agree! This could be the start of a beautiful partnership, so watch this space.

Arty Farty

16 April 2010

only one question ... why don't you and Ms. Wright create more stuff together. Together you are formidable!!