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Crippen takes a look at the forthcoming general election / 27 March 2010

It's that time again and Disabled people are being asked to consider who we think will actually commit to an effective strategy regarding access and the removal of those barriers within society that still disable us.

It's a bit of a no-brainer when considering the track record of the conservative party (Tories) and I can't imagine anyone would fall for their current rhetoric and the dubious charms of Mr 'just call me Dave' Cameron!

OK, the Labour Party haven't actually covered themselves in glory regarding our cause, what with dismantling the Disability Rights Commission and setting us back to being the poor relation of equality once again.

Perhaps if the Green Party came out with a more structured disability agenda there would at least be an alternative for us voting crips. Or maybe, as I've suggested before it's time we started thinking about forming our own political party. There's certainly enough of us out there and together we could form a pretty formidable force for change.

So, in the meantime perhaps we'll be better off sticking with the devil we know as opposed to trusting anything that the Tories might be offering. What do you think?!

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Susan Archibald

9 April 2010

Watch this space xxxx this one is for us xxxxxxxxxxxx

Linda Burnip

29 March 2010

anyone but the Tories, those of us old enough to remember still haven't recovered from the Thatcher years and the damage she wreaked on this country through blindly allowing the growth of markets and quasi-markets.

Susan Quick

28 March 2010

Well David Cameron and Gordon Brown both have the experience of being the parent of a disabled child. Cameron's died not very long ago. At least Cameron talks but Brown keeps it very well hidden. Personally I like the feel of the Lib Dem guy - sorry my impairment "head injury" means names go out the window! You can find me on Facebook and Enabling Radio Drama, the group I lead on MySpace @ enablingradiodrama. Cheers SuziQ

Arty Farty

27 March 2010

What is it they say? 'The very act of entering politics should disqualify you from participating!'