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Crippen looks at the access being created for the Olympic games / 21 March 2010

I've created so many cartoons over the years regarding the bottomless pit called the 2012 Olympics. Bottomless insofar as any and all available funding is being systematically sucked into its gaping maw, with nothing of any long-term substance being generated for Disabled people within the UK.

OK, it's great if you're one of those who enjoy participating within the spectacle know as the Para-Olympics with all of its associated terminology about achievement and overcoming adversity etc. But if, like many of us, you see it for what it really is, you'll have already worked out that the money thrown at it could fund hundreds of groups and organisations of Disabled people and have saved those that have already had to close their doors due to lack of funding.

So, with Boris terminating the project to make the underground accessible and plans to change all of our main shopping areas into shared environments (an accessibility nightmare), we're left with just some tokenistic changes whose main aim is to ensure that we have access to this one-off political event.

When the term 'full access' is subverted to only mean being able to travel between Olympic venues and to enjoy the Olympic process, then something has gone sadly wrong. Surely it would be a more sensible investment to use these funds to identify and remove ALL of the barriers within our society which will continue to effect us long after the Olympics have come and gone.

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23 March 2010

Hi Rich, drop me a line at and I'll be happy to post it up as part of a blog content (is this what you meant?) :-)


22 March 2010

hi crippen

if i wanted to leave an open comment on your blog that didn't relate to any of your cartoons how would i do it

Arty Farty

21 March 2010

You've said it boyo. Talk about the ultimate in gate keeping. EVERYTHING seems to be gathered up within the remit of the bloody Olympics. I recently went after a small grant for a local disability arts project and was told that I'd have to show a link to the Olympics in some way if I wanted any money!