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Crippen looks at how people can become invisible when disabled / 2 March 2010

I thought we'd go the route of a little light relief this week, especially having lifted the lid of the so called 'assisted suicide' or 'mercy killings' again last week.

I often get asked for cartoons about specific situations, but it's rare that I get given an idea to develop as well. The other week a member of the Skegby Methodist Church, Alison wrote to ask if she could use a couple of my cartoons in an article she was writing as part of her course at University.

No problem ... and I sent her off some fresh computer images so that she wouldn't end up with a poor copy taken from wherever she'd seen them (I hate it when that happens by the way. You've only got to ask and, providing your a Crip or one of our allies I'll gladly send you a clean copy in this way). Back came another email thanking me for the images and also including the idea for this weeks cartoon.

Obviously based upon how Disabled people, especially wheelchair users suddenly become invisible when, for example queuing for something in a shop ("Oh sorry mate, didn't see you there" - having reached across the top of you to place his order!). It's a funny idea and I hope that my cartoon does it justice! Thanks Alison.

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Alison Loydall

11 October 2013

Still looks great Dave - after all those years!


15 March 2010

2nd attempt:

The cartoon is true. I like it. I am invisible to many in my wheelchair in my infrequent outings (because of ME/CFS, for which I must use a wheelchair). People trip over my footrest, sometimes fall over nearly on to me, hit me in the head or shoulder with a bag... I have a bicycle bell on my wheelchair which does get people to move out of the curb cut/ramp at street corners (that have them) in NYC.

Arty Farty

3 March 2010

Ha ha ... nice one Alison as one of the many invisible crips out there!