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Crippen looks at the access problems of Kidderminster railway station / 14 February 2010

Members of Disability Action Wyre Forest (DAWF) are angry at the fact that the lifts to the recently built footbridge at Kidderminster Railway Station are only open between 6am and 7pm, effectively creating a curfew for Disabled travellers.

This is due to “safety issues” a spokesperson for the station explained: “When there is no staff at the station (when the booking office is closed) the lifts aren’t in use. This is in case anybody got trapped in the lifts if they happened to malfunction and there was no-one there to help them.”

Mark Lawley, Disabled activist and DAWF Chair say visits to the station are made “very difficult” and are “causing major problems” for Disabled passengers. He explained that if someone with mobility problems arrived at the station on the Worcester-bound platform in the evening not knowing the lift was closed, they would be “stuck”.

He added: “It doesn’t encourage people to use the train if they are going to find it difficult to get off the platform when they get to the station.”

Ironically, the long-awaited bridge, unveiled last spring, was intended to improve disabled access at the station.

“We were delighted when the lift first opened and we presumed it would be opened 24/7,” Mr Lawley added.  “It feels like this is one step forward and three steps back now.”

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robert sneddon

26 April 2010

I know where your coming from sanda long ago when this first happened to me [ confined to a wheelchair ] i knew a guy who would do stuff like chained himself to council buildings and ask the questions that made all officials embarrased and i thought god edgar thats a bit steep but now i know it wasnt and it takes noticeability if there is such a word for people to say what the f--- why is he doing that then when they find out they must start to think, surley..


16 February 2010

Oh, I get so angry when I roll up to a place and find myself facing steps and no wheelchair access. If I had more stamina,

(I have ME/CFS), I'd crawl up the steps to embarrass folks (which has been done by some in NYC)...and ... I have left nasty notes posted to the railing, or a signed letter in the slot for the building. I once changed someone's mind (2 people), in re holding meetings in nonwheelchair accessible spaces.

mark lawley

14 February 2010

thanks for doing item on kidderminster station's new bridge -has i said in my comments to the press "it doesn't encourage you to travel by train" -if you have to be back by 7pm