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Crippen is asked to look back over his work during 2009. / 23 December 2009

Our esteemed Editor Colin has invited the dao bloggers to look back over the past year and highlight some of the events that have crossed our keyboards.

Never one to stick to a brief and usually finding ways to expand the boundaries (Ed: Tell me about it!), I delved into my back-up hard drive, clicked on the folder marked 'the beginnings' and came across the original cartoon that had started me on my career as Crippen.

I've redrawn it several times since then, adding colour, altering the characters, etc., but the context has stayed the same - so called non-disabled expert hogging centre stage and expounding their views on disability, usually to the detriment of Disabled people.

So I think the real message here is that until we are allowed to participate fully at those policy making forums that are deciding our futures, run and control those charities and organisations that have been set up to represent us and make redundant all of those non-disabled parasites who are making a living off of our backs, only then will the need for such politically inspired cartoons end.

Until this time (and don't hold your breath!) I'll continue to bang on about the injustices that run riot through the disability arena.

Have a good rest during this holiday period and join me again in 2010, along with all of my colleagues at DAO.

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4 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Marisha Bonar

28 December 2009


Me again, but have forgotten in my earlier comment-how can I??????- to wish Solly and Billy a Puuuuuuur-fect New Year for them as well,

They are a real inspiration, personally to me,


Marisha Bonar

28 December 2009

FANTASTIC Cartoon and such a Powerful message!!!!!!!!!!LOVE IT,LOVE IT,LOVE IT,.....Ohhhhhh,they have really Brightened so many of my 20009 Days....

Thank you Crippen Disabled Cartoonist, All DAO's Team and each Individual of the Team for sincerely ,through your great work and so Unique personalities,making a much more nicer 2009 for me, personally.

Hoping that you'll have ALL a good rest during this holiday period too,

Wishing you ALL a Fantastic New Year,


A little Complain though: Why is 2010 taking sooooooo long to arrive???????Can't wait to join you along with all your colleagues at DAO again !!!!

27 December 2009

Thank goodness for Crippen. Have a great New Year! x


23 December 2009

Couldn't agree more :D Happy Xmas x