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Crippen continues the theme about the current lack of funding … / 10 September 2009

Ok, I take the point from Richard Downes (last blog comments) that by only blaming the 2012 Olympics for the current lack of funding is being a bit simplistic, but I still hold to the belief that this huge white elephant is doing more damage in this area than all of the effects of the current recession combined. So here’s another cartoon along the same theme (sorry Richard!).

As part of Richard’s response however, he’s come up with an interesting idea. How about setting up our own Technothon to run head to head with Children in Need (CIN)? This would be a novel way to raise much needed funds and could draw a lot of attention away from the charitable/medical model approach that CIN rely upon to get those hard earned pounds from your pockets.

Many of you will be aware of the Facebook group ‘We shot Pudsey Bear’ which is facilitated by Richard and other Disabled activists. It quite rightly encourages debate about the stereo typing of Disabled people that is the main focus of the CIN fund raising. Portray us as pitiable and incapable of managing our own lives and the emotional blackmail kicks in and the public respond. Never mind that it reinforces the negative image that people have of us when they buy into this sort of thing.

Richard offers up some prospective recipients for any funding raised by a Technothon and these currently include Brent Advocacy Concerns (advocacy theme) and the Disabled people's Direct Action Network (political theme). What he’s also asking for are names for any group or organisation that you feel would represent disability arts for the arts theme?

I’m starting the ball rolling by putting up ‘Disability Arts on Line (DAO)!

Just leave your own nominations in the comments section of this blog and we’ll make sure Richard gets them.

Accessible Olympics?

Lord Mayor of London Boris Johnson is under pressure to uphold London's pledge to stage the "most inclusive Olympics ever".

However, according to a survey undertaken by the London Development Agency (DLA), London faces a real shortage of accessible hotel rooms to accommodate disabled spectators at both the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

A London 2012 spokeswoman said that around nine million tickets are expected to be sold for the 2012 Olympics but could not say how many of these are expected to be purchased by Disabled people.

The Mayor had ordered an audit of the capital's 100,000 rooms to check that enough are wheelchair accessible. The LDA is also spending £20.6million this year improving facilities for tourists and is seeking to convince hotels that it makes good business sense to increase their accessibility.

Currently there are around 11 million Disabled people in the UK alone ... and only 1,100 accessible rooms within the London area according to the DLA survey!

What’s in a name?

Still on a sports theme, spare places for runners are being offered by the Leonard Cheshire Disability charity for the Clarendon Run Marathon and half marathon (from Salisbury to Winchester) on October 4.

And the name of the person organising this?


Well I thought it was funny!

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10 September 2009

arise Sir Richard!

Richard Downes

10 September 2009

After all this time i thought i might be up for a medal myself but to be named by Crippen is a much deeper honour.

I also think this cartoon is more like it as we can take the hoops to represent what we want

bravo crippen

by the way isn't there a firm of criminals, called something like Pocket, Pinchit and Leggett. Lawd knows what they got to do with Leonard Cheshire mind.