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Crippen provides some political links / 25 August 2009

There’s usually a lot happening within the world of Cripdom; Disabled people around the world continue to struggle against the apartheid that still exists, despite new laws that have been passed to identify and remove the many barriers within our respective societies that disable us. Thanks to the internet this news can now be shared around the various disability networks that we have - although this never seems to reach the national or international press (why are we not suprised?!).

Political Voice - Disabled people are also finding an additional political voice and are joining together with other oppressed minority groups to voice our outrage against the blatant discrimination that still exists within our societies.

 One such example of this is the recent petition organised by the organisation ‘Hope Not Hate’ to ban an anti Islamic march planned by the far right through Luton. Due to the thousands of people who signed up, including many Disabled people, this has now been stopped. ‘Disabled People against the BNP’ and ‘Not in my name’ have also established themselves as voices to be reckoned with.


Political Cripple - A relatively new face on the disability scene is someone calling themselves Political Cripple. They’ve been extremely active on Facebook over the past several months and have been feeding some pretty useful information into the various Disabled People’s networks that exist there. One of the main issues that Political Cripple has taken on is about the current threat to the Disability Living Allowance/Attendance Allowance and in this respect has organised a petition against the changes proposed. here’s a link to the site which I hope you’ll visit.

You can also add your comments to the current Green paper going through Parliament. Here's the link:

There's also some more involvement from the organisations Benefits and Work and you can read more about this on their site:

Social Model - Through this blog and the Facebook networks that I subscribe to it’s apparent that the Social Model understanding of disability is alive and well and is slowly spreading into other countries around the world. As part of this growth and as a contribution towards the sharing of information between our brothers and sisters in Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, etc., I’m offering a free copy of my book ‘Cripes it’s a Crip’ in downloadable PDF format which contains one of the best explanations of the Social Model I’ve ever come across. The explanation was taken from an article by Richard Rieser who’s the Director of Disability Equality in Education (DEE). The web site address for DEE by the way is:

Send me an email with ‘Cripes PDF request’ in the subject heading and I’ll get a copy to you:


Jo Blogs - Some very witty and informative material about disabled driving is being put out in her blog by an Australian woman who writes under the name Jo-Blogs. It seems that many of the problems we enjoy within the UK are alive and well and thriving down under!

Take a few minutes to visit her site which is:

Lollipops - And for a bit of fun you can award the most patronising person/charity/group/organisation a lollipop for thier trouble: Visit:

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