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Crippen looks at MMR and Autism / 19 August 2009

I've recently been commissioned to produce some illustrations to accompany a talk on Autism. It seems that the various groups associated with Autism are now including most of the associated neurodiverse conditions within their remit, such as Asperger's Syndrome, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia (numeracy dyslexia), etc. Some groups are also moving towards an understanding of the Social Model of disability and are interacting with groups and organisations of Disabled people in this respect.

Several people that I've been speaking to recently are working at celebrating their differences as people who have Asperger's and identifying what they have to offer to the Disabled People's Movement in this respect.

This cartoon is one I created after a discussion about the benefits of the MMR vaccinations available to parents and the concerns that they could create Autism in the children who have them.

here are some links to the various Neurodiversity sites ...

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26 August 2009

Thanks for this. As someone who is autistic (I guess I'm what you'd call 'mid-functioning' although I have to say I don't really appreciate functioning labels!)

I'm also very involved in the online autistic community and generally the fora that I use are about looking at the autistic community as one and looking at what we have in common. Some of us have learning disabilities, so of us don't. Some of us have speech, some don't (or some have random episodes of involuntary mutism such as myself).

Some of us live without support, some of us need high-level support.

I feel we do have something to add to the disability rights movement - in particular because access for people with sensory issues is very poor and also we are often demonised or patronised in the media too.

So I think this is a positive move.

btw, Amanda Baggs has written some great stuff about her autism.