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Crippen's caricatures of Jane Campbell and Tom Shakespeare and the assisted suicide debate. / 9 July 2009

The current debate about assisted suicide has brought a lot of comment from Disabled people, some in support but most against. The two lead protagonists have emerged as long term disability activist Jane Campbell (or Baroness Campbell of Surbiton to give her her correct title) and Tom Shakespeare, a leading Disabled academic with a track record of making challenging and thought provoking comments.

Some of the comments that we recieved in response to last weeks blog quite rightly fell foul of the Editor's pen as DAO's editorial policy is not to carry direct attacks on individuals for their opinions. However, most comments obviously came from the heart. Thank you for those.

With regard to this topic, we now know that the amendment was defeated in the House of Lords, although the debate continues. Both Tom Shakespeare and Jane Campbell have written articles in the Guardian, as well as carrying on the dialogue in this and other blogs and on Facebook. here are some of the links:
Read Tom's article on -

Read Janes article on -

Read Stephen Drake's essay on -

Read Nabil Shaban's notes on -

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9 July 2009

Totally impartial me mate ... more than me jobs worth!

Richard Downes

9 July 2009

seems to me the cartoonist portrays a preference - takes side in the argument - and then expects the reader to retain a sense of balance

is this a fair fight?

9 July 2009

Don't forget folks, keep it clean; no punching below the belt!