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Crip 4 a day! / 8 May 2009

Don’t you just love ‘em?! In an attempt to raise awareness of the sort of issues faced by Disabled people and to raise some funds for a clinic in Bangladesh, a school in Australia suggested that the children might like to dress as a person with a disability (sic) for a day. There was even to be a prize for the best pupil dressed to represent a Disabled person during this special ‘Disability Day’.

Naturally enough, after protests were received from parents, local Disabled people and even some of the students themselves, the idea has been dropped. The Student Representative Council (who presumably are just kids themselves?) said that they’d thought that pupils would just come to school with a bandage on their arm or leg … and that they hadn’t wanted to offend anybody.

Makes you wonder what sort of disability equality issues are being presented to Australian school children doesn’t it, especially if their idea of a Disabled person is someone in bandages. Presumably they must view Egyptian mummies as being seriously disabled if this was being used as a criterion?!

Our friends at BBC OUCH also covered this story and pictured keen pupils “getting hold of wheelchairs or white canes, over-sized hearing aids or dark glasses. Some of the really keen ones might even stick a home-made yellow harness on the family pooch and bring it to school for the day as a guide dog. And the kids will surely have hours of fun recreating those various wobbly disability movements and walks”. Indeed.

I wonder what the reaction would have been if the Council had suggested that they all came to school dressed as convicts?!

Sorry about the language of the young boy in the cartoon by the way. But he is Australian (and he was made to write out 100 times ‘I must not swear at the other children’!)