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Rumpy Pumpy / 20 February 2009

Suddenly disability and sex is everywhere on the web. A recent full length article in the Sunday Times covers everything from new legislation for sex workers, and how this will affect Disabled people, to tantric sex for someone who’s paralysed from the neck down. Interestingly we now appear to have both life and style, placed as this article was in the Life and Style section of the Sunday Times!

 The BBC Ouch blog is also doing its bit with an article by Kate Ansell about dating as a Disabled person. I was asked to do some illustrations for this and also sent them some tongue in cheek cartoons portraying Disabled people in a variety of sexual situations. Needless to say Aunty Beeb isn’t quite ready for images of same sex couples, naked in bed together yet, although I didn’t get the usual knee jerk reaction this type of cartoon normally elicits, so maybe there’s hope for them yet!

Some of you will remember a comment I made in a blog entry last year that the thing about sex and disability was that for a lot of non-disabled people, they just don’t go together; ‘disability sex’ being the ultimate oxymoron in their opinion. Comments like ‘it makes me feel uncomfortable’ and ‘crossing the boundaries of taste’ (and I never even mentioned oral sex!) are in the emails that I receive from, need I say it, non-disabled people who have come across one of these cartoons supporting an article or blog.

Things had to change, as more young people grab onto their identities as Disabled people and bring a more open and inclusive aspect to the movement and into society; although having said that our own Penny Pepper has been doing the same thing for a while (oops, nearly said ‘quite’ a while there, which would have got me a clip round the ear!).  

So, just to wind the prudes up again, here’s another one. Very tame as you’ll see but guaranteed to get the non-disabled moralists at their computer keyboards. One of these days I’m going to take the gloves of and let them have a very explicit cartoon involving three crips in a bed and … CENSORED. Now that would really show them!

As a little aside to this, the Times writer quoted our old mate Leslie Child in the article and made the usual mistake of referring to her as Childs. No longer here to point out this mistake, I thought I’d do it for her (I remember doing that once in an article I produced for DAIL magazine and never heard the end of it!).

 Here are the links to the two articles I’ve mentioned.





23 February 2009

Watch this space for two new Crippen publications folks. The first one is a cartoon interpretation of the Social Model understanding of disability, and the second is called 'Sex and Sexability' (I'll leave you to work out what that one's about!). I'll be doing a mailout of details nearer the time so let me know if you want to be included -