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Are you stuck in that wheelchair?! / 13 February 2015

Caught this excellent blog the other day by Lucy Britton about the pitfalls of using a wheelchair if you don't need it all of the time.

"Over the last few years I've become increasingly aware of raised eyebrows when I get out of my wheelchair. A couple of years ago when taking my children out for the day, the woman deciding whether or not I deserved a disabled person's ticket asked me, "are you stuck in there? It's just I need to know if you're one of those people who can just pop in and out".

My moral worth was to be measured by how many steps I could take. A wheelchair is key to leaving the house for people with a huge range of conditions, including those experiencing fatigue, yet we're constantly told we need to justify our usage.

And so, it comes to this: either I allow people to see me stand from my wheelchair and accept that they will assume I am morally deviant, or I play the game and look like the disabled person they deem worthy enough, and get on with life in the usual way. I often choose to play the part which alienates me and others like me most – the media stereotype of the worthy cripple."


Elysabeth Very-Silly Scott via Facebook

13 February 2015

Oh yes, the Twisted Seatbelt following into the Face Dive is my signature move....


13 February 2015

Thanks Merry. Seems to strike a cord with lots of people x

Merry Cross

13 February 2015

This is increasingly a problem for me too. With all the talk of cheats and scroungers, it is easy to feel that there is someone just waiting to pounce on you and pass judgement, without knowing a thing about you. Great cartoon, as usual!