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Weighty matters / 31 October 2008

Are you still allowed to have middle aged spread when you’re in your 60’s?! Like most Crips my impairments means that I’m a bit limited on what I can achieve in the form of exercise (well that’s his excuse - Ed) and this inevitably means that I’ve put on more weight than I would like … OK, more weight than my GP would like. I personally think it suits me, and comments like ‘How’s it hanging fatty’ from the likes of Kit Wells is just down to pure envy I’m sure! weight cartoon

I know lots of fellow Crips who are a bit on the podgy side and it’s usually down to not being able to exercise properly. I don’t suppose it helps that we all enjoy our food, and in my case, being married to a fantastic cook sort of adds to the problem! I could eat less I suppose, but what would that say to Jeni about her cooking. I wouldn’t want her to think that I didn’t enjoy her food. You’ve got to be so careful haven’t you?!

OK I know we should eat less … I should eat less! But I don’t smoke and I don’t drink so I deserve some other vice don’t I (answers on a postcard - Ed)?!

Going back to my GP, he reckons that my current weight goes with a man who’s about seven foot tall! I told him that if my spine was straightened out I’d be about eight foot tall and that meant I had about a stone in hand?

That’s the trouble with GP’s – no sense of humour!

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