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Stability / 20 October 2008

I think I’ve mentioned my friend who’s recently taken to using a wheelchair and has suddenly been confronted with the realities of Disability discrimination (remember him trying to use a credit card in a pub?!). Well, he’s now decided that he’d be better off with a power chair as he’s getting totally pissed off with having to clean dog shit off his hands whenever he self-propels down the road each time! stabilisers cartoon

It’s not just the dog shit either he tells me, it’s the so-called dropped kerbs and bloody cars that park on the pavement that result in him having to retrace his steps and double his journey time (tell me about it mate!). Apparently the OT girlfriend of one of his other mates tried to explain to him that it was healthier for him to continue to use the self-propelled chair rather than go over to a power chair. I don’t think she’d ever come across an assertive Crip before because his reaction to that suggestion has apparently got her considering a change in profession!

As a long time power chair user he though that I’d have some tips for him about purchasing the same. Apart from telling him about the companies to avoid (you know who you are!) I suggested that he pop down to one of the test centres that are around the country, such as the one down in Banstead, and try out a few on their test tracks. The people who work in these places don’t have an axe to grind with regard to recommending one make over another, and usually have contacts in the wheelchair manufacturing world that can be useful. They would also put him straight with regard to getting the beast in and out of his car, etc.

I sent him this cartoon as a bit of a wind up. His reply must have been a bit on the strong side as AOL rejected his email on language content!

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