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Boob job / 10 October 2008

I’ve done a couple of articles and produced several cartoons of a sexual nature over the years, obviously all involving Disabled people in one position or another ( pun intended!). boobjob cartoon

That’s the thing about sex and disability, for a lot of non-disabled people they just don’t go together. In one of my cartoon book called ‘Cripes, it’s a Crip’ I devote one chapter to the subject of sex. Nothing too heavy, but enough to provoke a response from someone (non-disabled of course!) who told me that the chapter had made them feel ‘uncomfortable’. I imagine that it must have been the following paragraph that hit the spot for them?!

Imagine utilising some of the aids and adaptations that we use. Never mind just jumping off the top of the wardrobe. Just wait until you’ve used the Wessex hoist position or lain on top of an anti-bedsore mattress (they vibrate!), or gone for a spin round the bedroom in your electric chair, two-up and naked. Sex is never the same again!

Perhaps I should respect the sensibilities of those people who have a problem imagining Disabled people having a sex life, although they must realise that sex plays just as an important a role in the lives of a lot of us Crips as it does in the lives of so called normal people.

Take this week’s cartoon for example. I suppose it has an underlying sex theme, although it came about after a Disabled friend of mine had a breast removed and was offered reconstructive surgery. She joked about getting an enormous breast inserted, and then saving up to get the other one done later. She obviously felt that big breasts equalled sexy, although another friend has just gone through reduction surgery because she felt that hers were too big. Perhaps they should meet?! Wait for it … big breasts, sex AND Disabled people … that should get the emails coming in!

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