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Upside down / 12 September 2008

You do disappoint me. Not one response to last week’s paralympics cartoon! Doesn’t anybody else have any thoughts on the subject?

This week’s cartoon follows an article I read about a Disabled woman in the UK who’d had to pull into the side of the road for a rest. While she was sitting in her car she was given a fine by one of the new community wardens that have taken over the role of some traffic wardens and the police. drunk cartoon

Her crime? Was it that she was illegally parked? No, she’s used her blue badge on a single yellow line which is permissible. Was it that her tax disc was out of date? No, her insurance, MOT and tax disc were all up to date. Give up?! It was that her blue badge was upside down in the car window!

So rather than tap on the window and tell her, as one human being to another, he’d dug through his little book of rules and regulations and discovered that she’d committed this outrageous infringement of ... ignoring one of the recommendations made by the DVLA in respect of displaying a blue disabled parking badge.

Thank heavens he caught her, that’s all I can say. Who knows where this could have lead! We’ll all sleep safer in our beds knowing that these brave upholders of the … er, recommendations, are patrolling our streets.

Now you know why I’ve opted to move to Spain to live! See you next week.