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The Criptarts promote Colin's new book / 23 November 2013

Our esteemed Editor, not content with running Disability Arts on Line (DAO) and travelling all over the country to interview fellow disabled artists, has managed to find the time to create a new book.

Entitled 'Knitting Time' the book not only contains powerful new prose and poetry, it also contains  hand drawn illustrations that are described by one critic as "fabulously dark, surrealist line drawings ..." and which undoubtedly add extra depth and dimension to the book.

Ivan Riches writes about the book: "I started reading and could not stop ... "

Whilst Alan Morrison describes it as: "Colin Hambrook stitches back the torn curtain of an upbringing in a decade of radical change ..."

To get a copy of this book, send a cheque for 12 pounds 50 pence (which includes packing and postage) to Colin Hambrook, Disability Arts on Line, 9 Jew Street, Brighton BN1 1UT and he'll get it to you before the Christmas holiday.

Enjoy - I have!

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