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Wake up call! / 22 November 2013

Colin (DAO Editor): "Oy Crippen!"

Crippen: "What?!"

Colin: "When you going to do some more work on the Criptarts strip cartoon?"

Crippen: "Er ... it's a work in progress!"

Colin: "Can't see much evidence of any work!"

Crippen: "I'm supposed to be retired ..."

Colin: "You can't retire from the disability arts movement mate!"

Crippen: "Can't I?!"

Colin: "Nope. You're in it for life!"

Crippen: "You sure about that?"

Colin: "Didn't you read the small print?"

Crippen: "Nope ..."

Colin: "There you go then!"


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Colin Hambrook

25 November 2013

He's a cheeky so and so that Crippen, isn't he? Your too good to retire mate. I don't think we can let that happen...

Sophie P.

22 November 2013

Please can we have a Crippen of Gabriel "The Quasher" Pepper & the other Fab4,having GOv.s decision re, ILF being Quashed by Crt of Appeal?? PLEAZY!


22 November 2013

Crippen cant read the small print hes to old... Oral contract mate... not worth the paper its written on.... ;) welcome back old boy