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Tory Party Hackathon / 15 November 2013

Not content with pushing through retrospective legislation in order to cover up their illegal activities regarding benefit changes, the Tories are now apparently hacking the internet in order to remove all copies of speeches and press releases made by them between 2000 and May 2010.

These are the speeches and statements that held pre election promises about leaving the NHS alone, providing more support for disabled people, etc. All of which, once in power, they've renaged on!

The party has allegedly fiddled with the code on their website to remove the speeches from, a library service that creates a back-up copy of almost all websites in existence on a regular basis.

However, it seems they'd not counted on the fact that because so many of them had been prepared to say anything, promising anything, and at every opportunity in order to get elected, that this is proving to be an impossible exercise. Especially as the word is out now and more and more sites and links are being posted by Jo Public to add to all this incriminating evidence!

A geek friend of mine told me that the only way the Tories could take down all of this information would be to attack the web directly, releasing Trojans and viruses that would corrupt all of these links BUT along with the real possibility that it would affect everything else.

They wouldn't be that stupid would they?!