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Useless Eaters / 11 March 2013

Cameron feeds the Useless Eater monster with money

Feeding the Useless Eater monster

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Why is it that when this government is shown to be making up its own figures about the number of people who are allegedly fraudulently claiming benefits - those who are sick, disabled, elderly or unemployed - people continue to believe them? The government would have everyone believe that taxes and national insurance contributions from hard-earned income are being fed to this monster with an insatiable appetite.

How can we allow the government to continue making these outrageous statements with so little challenge? Because what happens if these lies and falsehoods aren't exposed, is that people eventually start to believe them.

As we all know, this happens constantly:  people are persuaded that the reason for the problems that are currently besetting them is due to the actions of a certain set of people. A scapegoat is selected, usually one that is 'different' from the mainstream and society's fear and anger are then directed at them.

The term 'useless eater' was first coined by right wing extremists to decribe all of those who, for one reason or another, depend upon some form of benefit or government subsidy in order to survive. We are perceived as being parasites on society, only taking and not contributing in any way. No consideration is given to the barriers in society that disable us and prevent us from  full participation. And the stereotype of the useless eater doesn't allow for all the contributions which people receiving some form of benefit *DO* make to society. 

But of course it suits Cameron, his cronies and certain sections of the media to keep this negative image, especially relating to disabled people, in the minds of the general public. If we're not able to participate fully in their 'Big Society' and worship at the altar of consumerism due to our restricted income and our fecklessness, we are therefore a problem and need to be dealt with. The monster's bottomless stomach has to be stapled.

So let's have some clearer messages about the real nature of this resource-consuming monster: the bankers, the fat-cats, the tax-dodging corporations just for starters ...


Stephen Winder

20 March 2013

I am just about sick & tired at this Government using derogatory words to describe the Sick, Disabled, Unemployed etc. in our own Country. If ordinary citizens were to use such inflammatory remarks against any other section of the community they would soon be charged with Inciting to Riot, being Discriminatory, WHY are these Clowns allowed to get away Scott free with their perpetual Lies?

It may be a clue that Cameron "signed his Party" up to a Right wing party within the E,U.?

I absolutely Abhor the terminologies they use to describe people. Feckless, Lazy, Workshy, etc. etc.

I now find myself in receipt of a Disability award after working all my life & paying my dues. Aged 63, is it my fault that disease took hold of me? I still have commitments & still need to Eat, Clothe myself, provide for my family.

Can Cameron, Clegg, Osborne,& I.D.S really be advocating people such as myself who become unfit for work be penalised for it? Why not just give us all a Needle to finalise everything, or would the cost of the Injections be prohibited?

I "Fume" when I see/hear these leeches proliferating their cruel, insensitive remarks towards people less able to reply on the same Platforms they use.

They could learn a good few lessons & ethics from the new Pope Francis.


11 March 2013

You can see the videos that Richard is referring to on his own blog on DAO

richard downes

11 March 2013

Whad'd'ya mean people will start to believe it? Surely they already do.

Can I also say thanks for correcting an image in my head. I know the term useless eater and its association with the Nazi's but I took it literally to mean someone who was useless at eating, someone who couldn't feed themselves, someone who spilt food down their best bib and tucker. Which of cause is too short a range of disabled people to discriminate against.

Whereas if you are useless because you need support, because you are subsidised, and you eat or consume, without returning, giving back, then that's a wider range for the cosher to go around coshing.

Which I think goes back to the importance of those ILF campaign videos I reported on because whilst each eater there is a beneficiary none are useless because they clearly contribute, give back.