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The Criptarts are revolting! / 7 February 2013

A frame from the Criptart's cartoon strip episode 6

A frame from the Criptart's cartoon strip episode 6

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One of the things I enjoy about being part of the Disability Arts on Line (DAO) family is that it provides for me a unique platform on which I can present my more adventurous cartoons.

Take the Criptarts for example. I haven't a clue where it's going each week and the end result is usually more of a surprise to me than to you. Of course I've got a rough outline in my mind for each episode, but it's as though the characters come alive once I've started to lay them out in the strip and they just take over.

You've only got to look at the last but one episode for an example. I'd decided to make some sort of comment about the heavy snow we'd been experiencing. I'd got a story-line mapped out and was pretty sure where it was going when Bonk, the self-defined 'nutter' with the purple spiky hair, suddenly jumped in with his joke. Just as I was about to make some serious comment about reduced access. As Aadila said: "Gross!"

You can go to the episode by clicking here.

And last week. Inspired by Liz Carr's performance as Clarissa Mullery on Silent Witness, I'd decided to 'guest' her on the strip. But what happens? The characters take over again and use it as an opportunity to take a poke at the government!

Click here and you'll see what I mean.

It was the same when I invited Penny Pepper onto the strip. I still haven't got the felt tip off the laptop!

Click here ...

So as the strip continues, be prepared for further undisciplined behaviour from Bonk, Liz, Aadila, Ben, Ranj, Val, and their guests. I will try and exercise some editorial control, but as  Colin Hambrook, DAO Editor, knows from past experience (especially with me!), I don't hold out much hope!

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19 February 2013

Totally agree Katherine ... thanks for your comment.

You can see some of Katherine's work by clicking this link -

Katherine Araniello

14 February 2013

I feel the same when I am working on my next SickBitchCrips, images and text – it comes to me naturally and such a great feeling when ideas jump out at you especially when you start to write and create new images. I guess it must have something to do with the fact that we both enjoy doing what we do! Whilst simultaneously giving an alternative perspective to what is happening around us within the context of disability.